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Being a proudly Singaporean company, we naturally want the brand to reflect our local identity. We chose the word “Straits” to highlight our past as a former Straits Settlement. As a narrow passage of water connecting two water bodies, “Straits” also symbolizes our desire to connect people through beer. To strengthen the association with Singapore’s heritage, we named our first two beers Indiana and Discovery.

Commanded by Captain James Pearl, The Indiana was an armed ship that ferried Sir Stamford Raffles when he founded Singapore on 28 January 1819. The Discovery was another ship part of that convoy, commanded by the famous hydrographer, Captain Daniel Ross.




Indiana Pale Ale – Sparkling and refreshing taste. Surprise factor is the citrus flavour that bust in the mouth and lingers, filling your taste bud with excitement. Discovery Light Ale – Loves the smooth and creaminess of the beer. It’s so pleasant that I down a bottle in no time. 

Barrie Song

True to its name, the Discovery Light Ale was easy on the taste buds without being overly bitter (good for beer beginners or drinkers who have an aversion to beer). It is also refreshing and smooth, so smooth that you’re down to the last drop even before you know it!

Amy Ngew

Refreshing citrus feel when I drank Indiana. Subsequent mouthfuls re-lives the feel! Best match with BBQ food. Cheers!

Kelvin Chang

Our Team


Denny Liew


Co-Founder / Advisor


With over 20 years of experience in graphic design, Denny is well-equipped to support the company in graphic design. As the founder and owner of Poster Hub, Denny has gained in-depth knowledge about retail, distribution and marketing operations.


Lim Jia Qing


Founder / Director


Jia Qing holds a honours degree in Physics from the National University of Singapore. Fueled by his passion for beer and wine, Jia Qing spent a couple of years conducting research and recipe development before taking the leap and founding the company in 2017.


Kelly Ngew


Social Media Executive


Kelly holds a Diploma in Multimedia & Infocomm Technology. With her modest video-making capabilities, she takes joy in making personal travel videos and occasionally pursues ad hoc projects on a freelance basis. She oversees the creation of social media content and manages online engagement. 


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